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Ludmila Chrášťanská

I have met dances right after the velvet revolution (1989) and I was amazed. Nobody knew dances in Czech at that time and I used to travel to Germany and Switzerland to learn it from the teachers there and then I started to teach myself but I am a teacher of DUP oficially from 2004 and a mentor of DUP teaching from 2008. In the dances I love mostly what correspondes with my inner feelings and guidance: that all spiritual paths has something in common, they all worship one source in different ways. It’s amazing to connect with the flow of people who see the importance of sacredness in their lifes and they worship it in some way. I enjoy connecting different spiritual traditions. Thanks to the Universe or God’s mercy I can spend much time with people who understand that they can’t change the world but themselves, I have been leading a centre in Nesměň, South Bohemia for 20 years.


Petra Pešičková tady byla chyba v textu!!

- registration, communication and sharing  information


Petuka Arcimovičová

Let’s dance, sing and drum, it’s time! Let us feel nice in the world, together. I walk the path of dances with young people and children, with people who are disabled in some way, mentally or physically and with adults of all nations and I am very grateful for every single eye contact and for every hug I exchange.
I supervise the theatre performances during the camp, I like stories of people and beings who influenced the history when leading men to god. And I like romping around



Dana Jirkalová

She was intruduced to the dances by Ludmila 12 years ago. She started the DUP training in 2003 and gained the certificated for leading dances in 2009.
She comes from Valašsko, lives and dances in Prague and around Prague. She is fascinated by the power of one stable dance circle and she also likes connecting with new groups and start cooperation with various lectors (constellation, body work, music therapy).
She likes connecting body, voice and the spirit, connecting with others, with the universe, roots and the power od tradition. She is looking for ways how to connect DUP with the Czech environment and with the Czech roots.




Zuzka Préma

I love life, people and dance. When I dance, I feel at home, in contact with Onenes. I have worked with children for 20 years and I dance through life with them for awareness, relationships and happy living. In our school we dance regularly.



Honza Kuželka

Making music and playing during the DUP have been love at first sight since the beginning and it’s already lasted more than 15 years. :-)


Ondra Vaněk

I am Ondra, biochemical engineer at this time, living in Prague. I like nature, travelling, music, men’s circles, massages and making events for people. We are coming to camp together with my wife Zuzka and our two sons Mikuláš and Eliáš. I like dances because its full of freedom, you don’t have to follow certain ideology of belief, one can choose what resonates with him and doesn’t.
I will be in charge of time during the camp, I will play in the theatre, I will help to prepare open dance sessions, sell t-shirts and make connections in the men


Photography, grafic design, drawing and art in many ways…




Renée Grünning

She has been dancing DUP since 2003. She has gained her DUP teacher’s certificate in 2009. She comes from Holland. Now she lives in west Bohemia close to Kladruby u Stříbra. Together with her husband Gerhard she owns a centre called Tuněchody mill.
www.molen.cz Here she leads her dances. She can also come teach dances to your group (from 10 to 15 participants) water@molen.cz


Milada Chalupová



Lucie Svobodová

Takes care of the website tančíme.cz


Michal Haman

He has been practising drumming for 20 years, especially in drumming crew Létající koberec (founded in 1994) or in crew called Drum Drum.
I have always been interested in authenticity that leads you to proces of relaxing and opening to energies…
Lately I have experienced a few inner and outer impulses to start cooperating with people who resonates with me…
Thank you very much for inviting me to this likeable event, specifically to „free drumming and free dancing“, it goes well with my jigsaw puzzle :-)))