Rahmana Dziubany

Guest of Honour, spiritual support of the camp

Rahmana Dziubany is one of the main and leading senior teachers and mentors of the Dances of Universal Peace in Germany and around the world.  After seeding the Dances in the German speaking countries in the mid eighties and in Poland,  she was the first teacher who brought the dances to former Czechoslovakia in 1989. She has developed various training dance formats for use with children, people with disabilities and also as a tool for preventing the burnout syndrome.
Rahmana has been on the Sufipath since 1984 and meanwhile serves as a spiritual guide – a Murshida – of the Ruhaniat Sufi Order, working closely side by side with Pir Shabda. She has been studying and traveling internationally with Murshida Mariam Baker and  facilitates group soulwork.
She runs her own internationally loved retreat center and seminarhouse Ananda near Berlin  and bridges East and West in bringing annually pilgrim groups to her Indian home – the Ananda Ashram in Tamil Nadu.
She successfully combines mysticism and creativity. Her work receives great recognition and support from medical facilities. Rahmana is a stunning narrator, teaches with humor, games, meditation, bodywork and dramatization.  She has been leading courses in Nesměň with Ludmilla for many years  and she loves to return every year to the Czech family.