Registration Form


Welcome to the registration form. We’ll start with a few practical tips.
Please read carefully!

  • Please complete one single form for each person.
  • If you wish to apply for a discount, please fill out the online form, which is available on our web. The registration team will contact you with confirmation or offer some options.
  • Karma Yoga: all camp participants will be asked to help with running our community (cleaning, helping in the kitchen, taking care of the tent, helping with children’s programs, etc.).
  • Accommodation is in own tent or in the common dormitory in own sleeping bag. We kindly ask you to bring your own tent if possible. Accommodation in the building has limited capacity and is primarily for those who cannot sleep in tents for health and other reasons. We can also help you to find a tent to borrow, contact us. More details also about the food in the form bellow.
  • Payment is based on three meals per day for each person. We cannot offer other options, because with a large number of participants, it is too complicated to arrange individual payment plans.

More details about how the camp works you can find here.

Thanks for your attention, now you can fill the form:

    If this is going to be your first camp, please come from the very beginning. Others can come also during the camp, but when determining the maximum number of participants we take into account the applications of those, who are registered for the whole camp. According to the dynamic of the group it will not be possible to join our community after Monday evening.

    Accommodation options:
    Own tent – campingIn the Building in dorms – own sleeping bagIn the Guest House in the village – I'll manage it myselfIn the Guest House in the village – please help me to manage it

    Special request for meal

    Vegetarian food will be available as standard. In addition, it is possible to order a vegan & gluten-free & lactose-free alternative. Please be aware of that this alternative requires special ingredients and extra preparation time, so please expect a 300 CZK contribution per week. Also, just for sure, please note that due to organizational reasons, it is not possible to switch freely from one dietary option to another one during the week. Do you wish to order the vegan & gluten-free & lactose-free diet for whole week? (YES/NO)

    If you wish to let us know something else, write it here please: