Welcome to the registration form. We’ll start with a few practical tips.
Please read carefully!

  • Please complete one single form for each person.
  • If you wish to apply for discount, please fill out the on-line form, which is available on our web. The registration team will contact you with confirmation or offer some options.
  • Karma Yoga: all camp participants will be asked to help with running our community (cleaning, help in kitchen, taking care of the tent, helping with children’s programs, taking part in the morning theatre, etc.).
  • Accommodation is in own tents or in the dormitory in own sleeping back. Also we can help you to get room in guest houses in some village nearby (approx. 10km). There are a few rooms available in the centre as well – (primary for dance teachers and seniors).
  • Payment is based on three meals per day for each person. We can´t offer other options, because with a large number of participants is too complicated to arrange individual payment plans.

More details about how the camp works you can find here.

Thanks for your attention, now you can fill the form: