About the camp

XX. Czech Dance Camp will be on 14.-21. 7. 2023 in
Nesměň retreat center

Te camp is great family meeting – open family, where everyone is welcome. Small people, big people, people with different opinions, different religions, different roots, but with the same intention – connect together and live.

During the camp, we are dancing, eating, sharing and discovering spiritual traditions from many directions. It helps us to be unattached and to be able to let go all binding dogmas away. Through the deeper study and practices, we can clearly see that even there is so many holy names, sacred books, gurus… the reality is only one, just this one, which is happening right now. One source, within us and everywhere around. With this knowledge, it is easier to show, who we really are.

As like as almost everywhere around the world, in the Czech Republic, we also create a family for one week, where we help each other to feel compassion and mercy through the movements, eye contact, blessings, wishes, and prayers, playing music, singing sacred songs from many traditions… Connected into the circle of hearts, we are letting go all, what can disturb us from feeling ourselves, feeling the presence, touching divine nature.

You can also read “SUGGESTIONS FOR PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE DURING THE CAMP”. The hard print will be displayed on the noticeboard in camp.

Everyone is welcome to the circle.