Ludmila Chrášťanská

Dance leader, "camp grandma"

Ludmila founded the Center of Personal Development in Nesměň and she has been running it since 1994. She completed the facilitator training of holotropic breathwork led by prof. Grof in 1992 and she assisted him several times during workshops in Brazil, Italy and Switzerland. In 1992 she was the Czech coordinator of the International Transpersonal Conference in Prague. She is a teacher and mentor of Dances of Universal Peace, which she studied  in Germany and Switzerland, among others by Neil Douglas-Klotz. She went through the Star Gate experience – traditional self-knowledge techniques of native cultures of North and South America – led by lectors from these ethnic groups.
She has training in sufisoulwork with Mariam Baker, who is also called “the midwife of souls.” She enjoys joining the various spiritual paths and feels inspired to lead rituals for teenagers and women. She has learned from Jyoti, from shamans in Brazil and Peru, and has an Indian teacher. Her vacation mostly spents on vipassana or sufi retreats. Recently, she has been having rest a bit more, enjoying her “grandmother’s” roles and aging :-). She tries to inspire others by what she has learned during her life.